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new song!

2008-11-17 18:02:54 by zeldaboy3991

haha i made a new "song", right? the problem: i can't figure out how to progress it, and it stops at 1:14... any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

new song...

2008-09-07 09:11:49 by zeldaboy3991

ok, so people were like "work on pianotech!", but i'm easily distracted, and i've already started another song! gah! it's pretty cool though, it's basically a classical song, sounds kinda like a video game theme for like chrono trigger or zelda or something along those lines... i'll post it later today!


2008-08-16 10:00:30 by zeldaboy3991

ok, so i'm working on some songs, but i'm awful at creating melodies! sooo, if anyone has any good ideas, feel free to let me know! i'm mainly working on pianotech right now... and once again, no one's gonna read this post! haha


2008-07-01 23:40:56 by zeldaboy3991

idk... i doubt anyone'll read this... but just in case... i keep switching between genres for the music im attempting to make... i guess im better at doing like requests than actually coming up with it on my own... i could do remixes, since my LttP | Credits song seems to be the highest rated of all my 3 songs... haha... well, whatev. guess that's all for now. if anyone wants to hear a remix of some video game music, im up for anything as long as you can provide a link for the sheet music (or if i already have the sheet music)!