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Our World {durn} Our World {durn}

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


way better than anything i could come up with! i love the bassline! also smooth intro. only thing i dont like so much are the cymbals. they seem a bit too "edgy" or "bright". other than that, awesome!

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durn responds:

yeah, probably my poor high-frequency reception coming back to haunt me. :) I constantly have to pop my ears to hear higher frequencies so it's no surprise that what sounds fine to me might be a bit harsh for others. :) I'll tweak down the highs a tad more next time! :D

Simply, i love you Simply, i love you

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice

to put it simply, i love this song. the only thing i DON'T love about it, though, is the guitar's sound. in my opinion, it seems a little to rock-ish, not quite jazzy enough, you know? i love the guitar part though, just not the sound of the guitar. other than that, amazing song!

No1r responds:

Yeah the sound of the guitar is a little bit "rock-ish", i know..
this was just my way to spread how i was (am) angry and sad, moods wich really are opposite to a perfect i used a dirty guitar sound on a carpet of warm piano.
This is not pure jazz, i'm aware of this..:) But you know jazz is a language, a way to use notes and chords, not really a sound.
Anyway you're right, maybe i should work on that sound and make it well melted with the rest..
Thanks for listening and reviewing Zeldaboy!

Fancy Mike - Slow Motion Fancy Mike - Slow Motion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i. love. this. song.


this is genius.
i hate going with the rest of the reviews, because i know it gets repetitive, but i'm being absolutely honest here. this is an amazing song, even though it's so short. to enunciate how great this song is at creating a "mood", i was about to listen to some btbam as i clicked on this song, and after listening, i completely changed my mind. i've listened to this song 4 times since starting this review. if you want to, i would definitely go back and extend the song, maybe add a few more layers of sounds to it, etc. i'm still new to the whole "creating music" scene, so i pick up on all the "little stuff", and all the "little stuff" in this song comes together seamlessly to form a very fluid, smooth song piece of music.

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Scribbler responds:

Um yeah. Please do make this song longer. I can give you the source files if you'd like. Just send me a PM and great review BTW!!!